Automatic File Download

12 02 2011

Troubleshooting automatic file download issue in IE7.0 and later version

Problem: File download using .aspx page or HTTP handler does not work in IE 7.0 and later version.

Solution: If you are storing your files in database and using .aspx page or HTTP handler to write the file to the response, than you must have been bugged by this issue. This is not an error or IE bug but it’s just that the newer version of IE wants to protect its users from malicious contents that could sniff or simply harm your computer or data.
To make it more secure IE has provided option to its users to allow\disallow the automatic downloading of files. This can be set in any kind of security zones. To turn On\Off user needs to perform below steps

Step1) Open IE and click Tools > Internet Options
Step2) Go to Security Tab. Select desired zone and then click Custom Level Button.
Step3) Now look for Downloads > Automatic prompting for file downloads. By default this is disabled due to which any automatic file downloads will be blocked. Enable this feature as shown below.

Note: If you do not want your users to make any changes for above mentioned settings than you can achieve the automatic download but as a tweak you need to have an interim page which requires some user action like button click to download a file.




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