About Me

Hello from Dhaval Upadhyaya.

I am working as System Analyst in (Gujarat) India.

I am Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for .Net Framework 2.0 in C#, Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 & HL Certified Professional (Certified HL7 V2.6/2.5 Chapter 2 Control Specialists), having 10+ years of experience in IT industry.

Apart from technical job I like to play Cricket, Volleyball, Table tennis. I love to read books and to listen songs. My Educational background and Technical expertise are detailed below :

Masters:  M.Sc. (C.A & I.T)
Institute: K.S. School of Business Management and Research.
Grade:  (A+)

Bachelors:  B.Sc. (C.A & I.T)
Institute:  K.S. School of Business Management and Research.
Grade:  (B++)


Programming Language
ASP.Net 1.1, 2.0, 3.5 (VB & C#)
.NET Web Services
Jquery Mobile
Silverlight 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0
MVC Razor Views

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 \ 2005 \ 2008

Operating Systems
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Windows 7

Application Servers
Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS)

Other Applications \ Tools
Visual Source Safe
MS Visio
Open Office 2.0
Microsoft Visual Studio
Cutesoft WYSIWYG Editor
SQL Management Studio
Concurrent Versioning System
Paint .Net

Open Source
Orchard CMS
Joomla CMS


•HL Certified Professional (Certified HL7 V2.6/2.5 Chapter 2 Control Specialists)
•Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (.Net Framework 2.0) in C#
•Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 C#
•Web based Client Development.
•M.Sc. (Computer Application & Information Technology) qualified Microsoft Certified .net Professional
•Proficient in development and customization of web/database oriented applications using ASP.net
•Experienced in developing web based GUIs using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Jquery and AJAX

Contact: upadhyayadhaval@yahoo.co.in


16 responses

17 04 2009
Jijo George


I’m Jijo George and working ad Software Engineer in Bangalore. I am new to VS 2008. Actually I need to create one custom control, which i have to use in the entire application and some other application too, which contains a dropdownlist and a textbox. Whenever the data binds happens, the dropdownlist should add one more row ‘new row’. And when the user selects on this item, the dropdown should be invisible and the text box should be visible. Then the user can add a new value in the textbox. and when the user press enter key, the new value shoul add to the dropdownlist, if the value is not the in the list. This is something called an editable(only one row), dropdownlist. The coding has completed but unfortunately i created an .ascx file. So need to include this file in all application wherever i need to use. So I thought of creating a custom control and add to the tools box, where i got stuck. So could you provide the steps to create a custom control with the above mentioned criteria.

Thanks in advance,
Jijo George.

28 02 2012


This is Vinod K from MindWorks Techologies.
We are into custom controls development. I would like to work with you on
our conrols. Contact me on bhappis@gmail.com so we can discuss furthur.

22 12 2012

Hi Dhaval can you please show me the example of group chat?

5 04 2013
gaurish thakkar (@thak123)

Hello Dhaval i recently came across signalR …i searched across the net but hardly found any tutorials which taught the concept from scratch… yours was very helpful.though i have one query that is whether i can work with signalR in vs2008.

6 04 2013
Dhaval Upadhyaya

SignalR’s different versions had dependency on dotnet framework. Older signalr beta used to support 3.5.
Latest signalr Hubs makes extensive use of C#’s dynamic’s. So i would suggest to use .net 4.0 and above.

31 07 2013

Hi Dhaval,
I’ve just learnt abouySignalR and your SRChat is quite amazing and has helped me a lot! I had a question though – Can you please tell me how I can send an automated message from the server to a specific client who sends a message on a browser and not to all the connected clients?

3 08 2013
Dhaval Upadhyaya

The older version which my post used you can do that using

Suggest you to use the latest signalr version. In latest version you can do that using

16 01 2014
Mohan Palatshaha

Hey dhaval,
I recently upgraded my application from signalR 1.2 to signalR 2.0 but client functions are no more calling server functions, however dynamic hub class is being generated. I have followed all instructions for upgradation stated on http://www.asp.net/signalr, but not able to run it on my app
can u please help me on this?

21 01 2014

this is Gayathri Saravanan.I need same logic what you have explanined in https://dhavalupadhyaya.wordpress.com/tag/timercallback-function-example-in-net/ link
but it is working in development environment.when i hosting in IIS it is not working.Please let me know what will be the reason for this .

Thanks manks in advance.

15 03 2014
Dhaval Upadhyaya

Check your Global.asax file. It should hookup start events appropriately

21 05 2014
Sayed Feroz

Hi Dhaval,

I have gone through your article.


My code works well if I am logged on to application but when I am not logged on it does not work.

I need to schedule a job in midnight , so do you have any ideas why Timer does not work when we are not logged on to the application.

I have checked ‘App Pool Recycle Time’ set to 1740 minutes.

Your help would be of great help to me.

Thanks in advance for your help.


27 05 2014
Dhaval Upadhyaya

Make sure you start the scheduler as depicted in Application_Start event of Global.asax file. Incase if the APP pool restarts\recovers by its own than with the first request will reinitiate the global.asax file and your timer will be hooked again.

If you are using IIS7.0 or above than to avoid waiting till first request you may like to configure loading options that can initiate loading of data. This can be done using the startMode attribute in the ApplicationHost.config file. You can even specify a custom action to run on start-up.

27 05 2014

Thanks for the response Dhavan…. I have applied a different solution…. by making Idle Time for App Pool 1440 minutes (by default 60 mins)….

My case is that…. if you use the website at least once in a day overnight job should run which is not possible without keeping App Pool domain alive… and this is achieved by setting App Pool Idle time to 24 hours….

Should you feel this may cause any issue, please let me know… For the last one week I did not see any performance gap…

4 11 2014
Deepak Tiwari

Thanks for “Understanding Globalization and Localization in .NET” demo. this demo helps me understanding the working of global files practically.

7 08 2015
drashtipandya (@drashtipandya1)

Hey will you come to k.s for giving seminar?

3 09 2015

Really great heart to give source code(SignalR chat).
How did you code such complex SignalR app.

How did you learn..

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