My winning script for a play @my organization

15 12 2015

Topic: Teach & Protect

Pitch: A small IT company striving through recession period.

Play Members:

  • 1 Prospect Client (ABC)
  • 1 Manager (CEO) (Dhaval Upadhyaya 🙂 )
  • 2 Leads (DEF & GHI)
  • 3 Developers (JKL, MNO & PQR)


It all began with a phone call of a new prospect customer attracted by a small yet powerful portfolio of our IT Company. A ray of hope to surpass the recession and continue our journey towards growth enlightened.

During the short conference call the customer briefed about the situation and gave a deadline of a month. The customer was also striving through the financial crises due to market conditions and technology wilderness. His business would almost crash if the existing system was not transferred to the new technology that would help to retain his customers and company alive.

It was all upto the company to decide whether to go for a shot or not. As a Manager the decision was taken to go for it considering the collapsing business and market condition. A milestone was kept at 15th day and final deliver after another 15 days.

Manger briefed the leads about the project and the achievable situations. One of the lead was domain expert and the other complimented with great technical knowledge. Developers were very smart but didn’t have expertise in domain nor the technology.

It all started with little skepticism and fear about failing but the moral of the entire team was up. Leads taught and protected developers when mistakes were made. Due to sharp learning curve and technical competency the schedule was running behind. The first milestone meeting came. The manager explains the client about the situation of being late by 5 days. Client with a short silence asked, Are you guys still going to make it? The manager with confidence and statistical data once again brings in the client’s hope. The last 10 days entire team work very smartly and collaboratively by teaching and protecting each other’s while making mistakes. On the final day the system was made live on time with reasonably acceptable gaps. Soon within a month client retained his end customers and also started accumulating new customers, because many other competitors went out of market.

It was a time to reward, relax and witness the accomplishment made.

There was a sign of prosperity each members felt when a prospect client was converted to permanent business partner. Money, even in recession started flowing. Both the customer and IT Company expanded.